Rogue biker motors across Rocklin school campus

Elementary students were outside at the time, dad says
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Recess at Rock Creek Elementary School was interrupted Monday by a man on a motorcycle who rode onto campus property, according to the Rocklin Police Department.

Lt. Lon Milka confirmed that Rocklin police responded to a call regarding a man riding a motorcycle, but by the time they got there he was gone and there is no description available. The incident is not being investigated, Milka said.

Dorothy Sutter, Rock Creek principal, said the incident happened in the morning, when yard supervisors spotted the man.

“The young man on the motorcycle/dirt bike-type thing came up from the bike path and was coming out,” she said. “The campus supervisor tried to stop him, saying, ‘Don’t come on campus,’ and he whizzed by her and just went on the campus and out the back gate.”

Sutter emphasized that no children were hurt during the incident. Mike Rose, whose daughter attends fifth grade at Rock Creek, said the biker hit the girl's foot with his tire, but she is doing OK. His daughter’s account of the incident is more severe than the school’s or law enforcement’s.

“My daughter was on the playground while this guy was chasing down all the kids on the playground,” he said. “She was trying to push her friends out of the way.”

Rose said he found out about the incident when he picked his daughter up from school, and said he was “a little peeved” at the response to what happened.

“I picked her up after school, like a regular day, and found out through her what happened,” he said. “I’m just a little upset that nothing happened.”