Rooftop solar system creates electricity neutral workplace for local engineering firm

Business Briefs
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ECO:LOGIC Engineering has announced the addition of a new photovoltaic solar array on its own 20,000-square-foot rooftop. This solar system provides enough power during the day to supply electricity for 60 employees. In addition, ECO:LOGIC optimized and upgraded all fixtures inside the building to save on energy consumption. The combination of the solar project and the fixture upgrades, results in a corporate headquarters that is electricity neutral on an annual basis. With great demand for energy and high utility costs, ECO:LOGIC made the decision to use their own electrical, mechanical, structural and instrumentation engineers to design and install the PV system. “The ECO:LOGIC team wanted to be that change and make a difference that would in turn, make them leaders in helping the environment,” said CEO David Bennett in a news release. “Our folks are pretty meticulous. They designed a well thought out, robust system and enjoyed building it too.” ECO:LOGIC purchased the PV panels and the DC/AC inverter and designed the complete layout, roof mounts, electrical and instrumentation system in-house. ECO:LOGIC is located at 3875 Atherton Road in Rocklin.