Roseville design studio installs new mural at William Jessup

Miles Davis piece illustrates new creative arts studio
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William Jessup University’s new creative arts studio is the recipient of a new mural thanks to Layers of Color, a design studio in Roseville.

Layers of Color specializes in the art of decorative finishes and teaches workshops and classes for instruction in all levels of decorative painting techniques and finishes. Established in 2003, the studio offers educational and hands-on classes for all types of wall, cabinetry and furniture finishes, as well.

One of the courses offered is “Tattoowall,” a new technique created for the production of direct and lasting transfers of digital images of elaborate decorations on computer for any surface of any size.

Owner Kelly Peterson is the only certified instructor in the state of California that teaches the new technique and needed a place to deliver the installation.

“We have six students, all from out of town, who are taking the course to learn the installation process,” Peterson said. “We needed a large public space and thought that Jessup’s art studio would be a perfect fit.”

William Jessup’s new creative arts program will launch in the fall of 2013. The program offers an interdisciplinary degree with concentrations in theater, arts administration and visual arts.

Derek Martin is the chair of the new department. Martin has a master’s degree of fine arts in acting, with a concentration in directing, from Regent University.

“I am passionate about excellence in artistry and the redemption of culture through education and production within the arts,” Martin explained. “Jessup’s new creative arts program is the first program of its kind that positions students to meet the emergent demands in artistic professions by training across multiple disciplines.”

Jessup’s new creative arts program will blend practical and theoretical class work across multiple disciplines and offer many co-curricular opportunities. Additionally, the university will offer a creative arts minor for students who want to engage their creativity alongside their chosen major.

Susan Arce, Norman Meunier, Tina Wendon, Heidi Wright-Mead, Sam Wright and Wendy York are the six class members from the Layers of Color studio who worked to install the 6-by-7-foot mural at the new studio. The original canvas art piece used for this mural was painted by fine artist Kristina Letson. The mural is of American jazz legend Miles Davis, trumpeter, bandleader and composer, who is widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

"We are thrilled to have this powerful addition to the art studio," Martin said. "This project is the perfect centerpiece for our new space; it is a symbol of disparate art forms coalescing to create a brilliant work of art. That is the heartbeat of the creative arts program. Our new mural is an expression of dynamic creativity and depth and will inspire our students to expand their imagination."