Ruhkala students donate more than 2,000 canned goods

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The Roseville Salvation Army recently received 2,000 canned goods, thanks to Ruhkala Elementary students in Rocklin. Tucker Thorson and Anna Keithler of Whitney High School coordinated the efforts at Ruhkala, as part of STAR, a program that gives high school students the opportunity to work in district classrooms as a teacher-training program. The STAR students are responsible for organizing and implementing a service-learning project sometime during the school year. Service learning shows students how the skills and knowledge they learn is applied to their immediate world and how it can make a difference in their community and across the globe. This year, the students of Ruhkala, over a two-week period of time, brought in 2,000 canned goods and the donation was presented to the Roseville Salvation Army for the food pantry. Students were able to utilize the can drive to apply math skills by learning about bar graphs and other data analysis, younger students used the cans to learn about the concept of “more than and less than” and many students were given the opportunity to apply their writing skills in reflective writing about the drive and how it affected them. Also, Thorson created a friendly competition between the classes of who could bring in the most cans, and the cans began to pour in. The winning class was a third-grade class that collected 364 cans. ~ Staff report