RUSD vision coming into focus

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The last several years have been difficult for school districts. Budgets have been decimated, class sizes have increased, teachers have received pink slips and the school year has become shorter and shorter. California’s budget woes may continue to affect the public school system for years to come. Despite the uncertainties, or perhaps because of them, school districts are realizing that a mission statement and goals may not be enough. Many districts district are adopting vision statements of what they want to accomplish in the three to five years.

Rocklin Unified School District is doing just that. The board provided direction to administrators and asked that they define measurable goals by creating a vision statement and explaining how they will meet those goals.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Todd Cutler, working closely with Superintendent Kevin Brown, is leading this charge. Cutler joined the district in July of this year. Cutler, former superintendent of the Lassen Union High School District, has direct experience and knowledge with guiding administrators, parents and community leaders in understanding the importance of identifying the vision of a district.

At the first vision statement workshop held Oct. 17, he commended the district for its successes but was quick to ask, “How do we keep improving?” “Where should the district be in three to five years and how do we get there?” and, “How do we ensure we are on the right path of leading our students to be innovative thinkers?”

A summary of the workshop and next steps in the process will be discussed at the Nov. 7 board meeting with the goal of finalizing the district’s vision statement and plan in January.

 “No matter how much excellence this district has achieved, we cannot rest on our laurels,” Cutler said.