Savings more than virtual with Cybertary

By: Teresa O’Hanlon Placer Herald Correspondent
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Chris Boden is a survivor. Despite years of declining revenues in the insurance industry, Boden’s Rocklin business, R.C. Boden Insurance Group, is growing. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the insurance industry paid their administrative assistants an average of $41,000 a year in 2008. While other full-service insurance brokers employ bookkeepers, administrative assistants and receptionists, Boden only requires half the staff. The rest of his back-office work is the responsibility of Cybertary, saving Boden a significant amount of time and money. “I would say all in all, from working with Cybertary and the projects that I’ve saved money on and projects where they have made me an income, Cybertary has increased my income about 20 percent and saved me about 20 percent as well on costs,” shared Boden. “That’s why I’m a huge advocate for them. They save you money and they make you money.” The “they” behind Cybertary, a Roseville-based virtual assistance company, is a group of highly skilled administrative professionals, all North American citizens, who work for a local Cybertary franchise. The Cybertary business model came to life in 2005 when founder and CEO, Patricia Beckman of Roseville, decided to create a home-based franchise offering online administrative services designed to cut overhead costs of small to medium-sized businesses. Cybertary Regional Developers and Roseville franchisees Valerie Dow and Tina Angell work from home to serve 125 active clients by directing their own team of experts who also work from home. Their team provides hundreds of services including bookkeeping, project management and graphic design. The cost of virtual assistance runs from $32 up to $67 an hour, depending on the type of work and software utilized. Cybertary’s online cost savings calculator at us/your-time, provides the real number savings. “When you think about it, employees do their shopping on the Web at work, they go to the bathroom, they go to the water cooler and as an employer you are paying for all that,” Dow said. “You are paying for them to visit the guy sitting in the cubicle next to them and I kind of say that jokingly, but it really is true. As an employer, you’re also paying for the unproductive time. When you use the virtual assistant, you only get billed for the time spent on work.” Dow and Angell are celebrating four years of success after opening the first Cybertary franchise in 2007. The business partners doubled revenue in their second year of business with earnings topping six figures. Eight virtual assistants work for Cybertary Roseville with room to grow as business expands in their territory. Now Dow and Angell are looking for a franchisee for a new Rocklin/Lincoln based Cybertary. “What’s great about Rocklin is they don’t have to worry as much about awareness building because we are nearby; our name has been out in the community,” Angell said. “Rocklin is such an untapped area. There is such a growth opportunity there.” Base cost for the Rocklin and Lincoln Cybertary territory is $37,500 and will serve a population of 100,000. A new franchisee would have the flexibility that comes with working from home on a convenient schedule. “That’s the beauty of the Cybertary model as a franchise because it’s not just about your own 40 hours,” Dow said. “You get team members who are working. You’re also making money on the work they’re doing so as a business owner you have an opportunity to create a much bigger profit base than you would if you were just a single person working alone.” What is Cybertary? A virtual assistant company providing help to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives and more Information:; (916) 303-4550 Website: