Scout troop adopts storm drain inlet

By: Lauren Weber, The Placer Herald
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A group of Rocklin Scouts is the first to take a proactive role in keeping the city’s storm drain inlets clean. Through a partnership with the city of Rocklin’s public works department and STAR ECO Station, an educational program and wildlife rescue facility, individuals, groups, families and classrooms have the opportunity to prevent drain pollution in the inlets. Boy Scout Troop 440, a group of 11-year-olds, has become the first group to adopt an inlet as part of their community service requirements to move up the ladder to become Eagle Scouts. The troop will monitor the inlets monthly and bimonthly, looking for debris such as leaves and litter. According to Dara Dungworth, associate planner/ storm water coordinator with the city’s planning division, people can monitor the drains as frequent as they want. “It’s really up to people to decide what level of participation they want to bring to it,” she said. Saturday, a ceremony was held at STAR ECO Station, thanking the Scouts for their help. “These kids, they’re taking ownership of their neighborhood,” said Rocklin Vice Mayor Scott Yuill. “The city has gone through a lot of budget cuts … this couldn’t be more timely.” Scouts Reed Dayton and Hunter Boberg said they remembered visiting STAR ECO Station in school and thought it would be nice to help the station. In addition to adopting and monitoring a group of storm drains, they went door to door collecting donations and used batteries for recycling – the end result was two boxes full of batteries and a $400 check to STAR ECO Station, as well as two donated aquarium tanks. “We do what we can,” said Scout Master Lyman Dayton. Almost four months ago, STAR ECO Station unveiled its storm drain exhibit showing visitors that debris and trash that goes down storm drains, makes its way to the ocean. Through Adopt-an-Inlet, the groups are trying to bring awareness to Rocklin residents to keep inlets clean. If you’re interested in adopting an inlet, contact Dara Dungworth or Lydia Sizelove at 625-5500. What you should do if you see someone dumping in the storm drains: Go online to and fill out a report at Access Rocklin Call the city’s public works department at 625-5500 For large spills/ dumps, call police dispatch at 625-5400 for non-emergency, and they will clean up the hazardous material Contact Lauren Weber at