Scrum, anyone?

By: Jim Linsdau News Messenger/Placer Herald Sports Editor
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Rugby is about as old as America’s War for Independence. And, in fact, it was started in England. It was one of those games where someone fashioned a ball similar to a football, or used something like a knotted shirt or towel. It didn’t much matter as it was the falling and brawling on the field that made the game popular. It isn’t quite like that today, but it does resemble football in many ways. It’s like one of those games a group of guys would just make up in order to assuage boredom. However, it has evolved to the point that girls are playing it as well. I was contacted by local Dave Faingold to do a story on rugby. Dave is a coach for the Sierra Foothill Rugby Club and can be seen at Whitney Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays where the local participants play. I look forward to tackling the story. Hoops are heating up and there wasn’t a game hotter than last week’s Del Oro vs. Whitney game. I don’t know if the two teams lacked confidence in their offenses, or what, but both came in determined not to let the other score – and they almost succeeded – in the first half, anyway. Wildcats’ fans may have gone away disappointed about losing the game, 44-29, but basketball fans saw something resembling NBA action. It wasn’t a game for the faint of heart. Whitney hosts its Winter Classic tournament beginning Dec. 28 – and Del Oro will be there. Don’t be surprised to see them both matched up in the championship game; perhaps this time they’ll concentrate a bit more on scoring. Lincoln is in the midst of its Roundup tournament, which concludes tonight. The Fighting Zebras are coming off a championship performance in Woodland’s Buck Bailey tournament. They could prove a real factor in the race for the Pioneer Valley League crown this year. If we have any wrestling fans out there, I would like to hear from you. Wrestling is not only a difficult sport in which to compete, but it’s also hard to cover. There are not a lot of statistics available on wrestling, so it’s hard to follow a team’s, and individual’s success. Total wins and losses come to mind, but I’d rather include the wrestlers before the end of the season rolls around. Wrestling aficionados please call (916) 774-774-7943, or 774-7993, or e-mail