Seeking help in finding hit-and-run driver

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It was 2 p.m. Sunday, March 8, 2009. I was jogging along the Whitney High School track as I peered at my son during his soccer tryouts. Nearing the end of my run a friend told me my wife had been hit by a car while riding a bike and was injured. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I got into the car and the angst of wanting to get to my wife was beginning to rise. As we began the drive to the hospital, I asked my wife what had happened. “Someone hit me, and nobody was there to help me,” she said. She told me that the driver did not stop I began to dial 911. Descriptions of the vehicle, location, driver and passenger were provided to the operator. My wife was battered and bruised like I have never seen. Tracing the tracks of the truck that struck my wife, I headed south on Hunter from Iroquois then rolled through the stop sign turning right on West Oaks. I tried to drive it as my wife had recalled the story to me of the truck heading toward her. For those of you reading this there are two things I would like for you to do. If you know the truck, a red Ford F-150 with a pink/faded hood, that hit my wife, please report it to the police. Secondly, hug your wife, your kids, your parents, your loved ones, tell them that you love them. Take a moment from our ever-increasing fast-paced lives and cherish what is most important in this life. Let this be the reminder. Doug Mooneyham, Rocklin