Senate special election vote-by-mail ballot information

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Placer County registered voters in the State Senate District 4, which includes Rocklin, should start checking their mailboxes for the Jan. 8, 2013, Special Vacancy General Election Sample Ballot Pamphlet.

U.S. Congressman-elect Doug LaMalfa has resigned as senator of the 4th District.

Sample ballot pamphlets will begin to mail the week of Dec. 10. The sample ballot pamphlet will provide voters with important information about items to be voted on this election. In addition, your polling place location is listed on the back cover of the sample ballot pamphlet.

If you are a permanent vote-by-mail voter or if you reside in a mail ballot precinct, your pamphlet will read “Permanent Vote-by-Mail Voter” or “Mail Ballot Precinct” in the polling place location area of the pamphlet, instead of the polling location.

For voters who are not permanent vote-by-mail voters and voters who do not reside in a mail ballot precinct, the back cover of the sample ballot pamphlet can be used as a vote-by-mail ballot application. Simply sign the form and return it to the Placer County Office of Elections. Remember, if you are a permanent vote-by-mail voter, a request for a vote-by-mail ballot is not necessary. You will automatically receive your ballot in the mail.

Vote-by-mail ballots will begin to mail out the week of Dec. 17. You can either use the vote-by-mail ballot request form on your sample ballot pamphlet or download a request form from To ensure sufficient processing time, the last day by law that the Office of Elections may mail a voter-requested vote-by-mail ballot is Dec. 31. You may pick up a vote-by-mail ballot in from Dec. 10 until Election Day, Jan. 8, at 2956 Richardson Drive in the DeWitt Center in Auburn. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Election Day hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you do not receive your sample ballot pamphlet by Dec. 26, or if you misplace your sample ballot pamphlet, call (530) 886-5650 or toll-free in California (800) 824-8683 for a duplicate sample ballot pamphlet.

Visit for more information, polling place locations or on the upcoming election.