Sierra Club is best watchdog

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I’m not a member of the Sierra Club, but I’m very grateful for it. Without them there would be no Yosemite or other places of beauty left in California. If bringing Drexel University to South Placer County is the primary objective of our county officials, it would be better to look at locations in the cities of Roseville and Lincoln, which might have land that would accommodate Drexel without having to add thousands of new homes, schools, roads and commercial development to support it. But, I don’t think this is really about a new university. It’s really about more sprawl development resulting in unnecessary conversion of 3,000-plus acres of valuable agricultural land, 1,024 acres of it classified by the state of California as “Important Farmland,” and Placer County officials know this. Importing more and more of our food from Mexico, South America and Asia is not appealing to me and ultimately will cost us more, when we can grow it more safely here. Our agricultural land should be safeguarded. The Sierra Club is our best watchdog – always looking at the best land uses and protection of our environment. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin