The Sierra Club is at it again.

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They want to block a private university site planned for western Placer County, a site where we could one day see a university serving 6,000 undergraduate students. These activists erroneously claim that the proposed university and adjacent community are inappropriate for this land. Ironically, this land was designated as an area for development under the award-winning blueprint plan for smart growth for the greater Sacramento region. Our region has a great opportunity ahead of us – owners of 1,150 acres willing to donate it to create a university and adjacent campus community. Drexel University has expressed an interest in the idea and is moving forward with increasing its presence here in our area. We as a community – particularly in these trying economic times – should embrace this as the great opportunity that it is. To obstruct this through time-consuming and costly litigation puts us on the wrong track. E Howard Rudd, Community volunteer in Rocklin, Roseville, Auburn and Lincoln