Singer Camryn performs at Spring View School

A little pop with lunch
By: Kim Palaferri, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Sometimes lunch can seem so ordinary, the same thing each day. But on Monday, students at Spring View Middle School were treated to a free concert featuring pop musical sensation Camryn. Many of the students were familiar with her music, but those who were not left the concert as fans. Gaining popularity by the day, Camryn has opened for other musicians like Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance, who were on tour this past spring. Currently, Camryn and her band are making the rounds of middle schools throughout California, performing free concerts during their lunch hours. She performed songs like “Set the Night on Fire,” a crowd favorite, “Wait and See” and “Loosing My Mind”. Her music is available on iTunes. Bringing Camryn to Spring View Middle School was not a difficult task, according to teacher Katherine Axiak. “High School Nation contacted us and asked us if we would like to host Camryn during a lunchtime concert, for free” Axiak said. “It’s a great way to inspire our students, and many of them are talented, too.” Many of the students left the midday concert feeling inspired and ready to create their own music. At a pre concert “meet and greet” with leadership students, Camryn talked about her own inspirations that include Mariah Carey, Demy Novato, and Christina Aguilera. “I really like an amazing range of music. It inspires me in my own pop/rock/ RB style of music I try to create,” said Camryn. The young artist has been performing professionally for the past four years, but has been singing throughout her whole life. She recently moved to Los Angeles from Denver in an effort to launch her musical career. Student leaders Hannah Jean Ortiz and Kiran Baines asked their own set of questions during the “meet and greet.” The pair wanted to know “What is your favorite place to go when you are upset or sad?” The singer responded, “I like to escape to my room under my covers, where it’s dark and cozy." Then they asked the question that most girls wanted to know. “Where do you like to shop?” “I like to shop at Forever 21 and H&M,” the singer responded. “They have great clothes.” During the concert, Ortiz and Baines were invited to join the singer on stage, which got the rest of the students involved and excited. Leadership student Sarah Murphy admitted she was not as familiar with Camryn’s music as her leadership friends, but by the end of the lunch she was impressed. “I think it’s cool having a recording artist like Camryn at our school because you can hear different kinds of music,” Murphy said. Camryn will finish her California tour next week and return home for the holidays. In January Camryn and her band will hit the road for a coast-to-coast tour, traveling as far east as New Jersey. They will be doing free lunchtime concerts at middle schools and, in the process, inspiring young teens to follow their dreams. For more photos, visit our Photo Gallery.