Skin to Adohr keeps on pampering, even in an economic slump

By: Lauren Weber, The Placer Herald
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With the economic slump, you’d think facials and peels would be one of the first expenditures to be cut from a budget. Although Rhoda Keith, owner of Skin to Adohr, saw a slight slump in clients, it was quickly back to business as usual. But how does she do it? Maybe it’s her passion, or perhaps her personality. Either way, she said she continues to have prospective clients inquire constantly. Kerri Peterson of Granite Bay has been a client of Keith’s since she started, getting facials every couple of weeks. Peterson said she’s gone to many other estheticians in the area, but settled on Keith. “I think it’s just her personality, the care that she gives, the time that she takes,” Peterson said. “She never cuts you short, she always gives you personal attention.” Peterson said because of the devoted attention and relationship she has with Keith, she refers many to Skin to Adohr. “She really considers her clients her friends,” Peterson said. Keith admits she’s just doing her job — a job she calls a passion. “I’m just doing what I do, I’m taking care of my clients. They need this more than ever,” she said. In 2003, Keith realized being in the banking industry wasn’t a fit. During a string of massive layoffs, Keith said she was “fortunate” enough to get the boot. That year, she entered beauty school, earned her licensing and began working in the spa industry in 2004. Now, she serves clients with relaxing facials, anti-aging peels and acne peels in the Tranquil Moments Wellness Spa located on Sunset Boulevard. Within the space are two others offering spa-like services. Jim Jacobs of Daily Dose Massage, owns the wellness spa and Keith said many of their clients are shared. Clients walk through the center and into Keith’s space — lights twinkle through a white ceiling canopy, the sound of water calms and the music soothes and relaxes. Shelves display the collection of lotions and products she uses on her clients. Although Keith is schooled in massage and other spa treatments, she chooses to focus on skin care, giving her clients confidence. “I like that every single person’s skin is different,” she said. “Every single day I can make a difference in someone’s life.” From teens and adults with acne skin, skin that has seen the affects of the sun, and women seeing skin changes, Keith said her typical clients are women between the ages of 40 and 60. “They are the ones that are really committed to home maintenance,” Keith said. Keith was recently featured in a skin care trade magazine, where she shared some of her secrets to success. But really it’s all about doing what you love, she said. “I think I was born to do this,” she said. “I think people are confident with me and talking with me about what they want changed.” From the recognition, she was contacted by other estheticians from across the U.S., as well as others who were interested in entering the industry. Keith kept it honest with inquirers, letting them know it’s a long road building up a steady base of clients, and that money stashed is a must for venturing into the spa industry. Ultimately, though, it comes down to going with your gut. “If it’s your passion, you need to go for it,” Keith said. Know and Go What: Skin to Adohr Where: Tranquil Moments Wellness Spa, 3101 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 2-E Contact: 315-1449 Info: Fun fact: Adohr is Rhoda spelled backward. It became a family joke once Keith’s brother realized the anagram. Placer Herald’s Lauren Weber can be reached at