Snowflake Art Show winners announced

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The city’s Snowflake Art Show resulted in numerous winners. The city of Rocklin Theater & Arts program held the Snowflake Art Show from Feb. 12-14 at the Finn Hall in Rocklin. The volunteer judges for the show were Dotty Brown, Casey O’Conner, Elizabeth Conner and Ianna Frisby City of Rocklin’s Fine Arts volunteer Donald McDonald, Jer and Bill Jarrett was very pleased with this years showing of 73 pieces. Awards were presented by Mayor Scott Yuill. The winners for each category are as follows: Oil category: first place went to Donald McDonald No. 5 for, second place went to Shirley E. Pruitt for No. 55, and third place went Jill Maddex for No. 62. Photography category: first place went to Eileen Pietz for No. 50, second place went to Lindy Atoms for No. 61, and third place went to Cathleen Small for No. 35. Acrylics category: first place went to Scott MacDonald for No. 7, second place went to Bonnie Armstrog for No. 3, and third place went to Randy Thacker for No. 67. Pen/Pencil/Charcoal category: first place went to Paul Misty for No. 46, second place went to Janet Danzi for No. 2, and third place went to Paul Mitchell for No. 45. Watercolor category: first went to Karen Stegeman for No. 40, second place went to Mary Whalen for No. 23, and third place went to Mariko Leonard for No. 20. Mixed Media: first place went to Ken Maddex for No. 63, second place went to Lynda L. Pike for No. 71 and third place went to Linda Hoschler for No. 59. Pastel category: first place went to Maryann Perolio No. 57 and second place went to Susan Goodmundson No. 44 and third place went to Jer Jarrett No. 10 The student winners were as follows: Kindergarten: first place went to Joe Riley No. 28, second place went to Zachery Whitehead for No.15. First- through third-grade winners were: first place Nadia Benes for No. 66, second place Sydney Joe for No. 30, and third place Natasha Henmi for No. 47. Fourth- through sixth-grade winners were: first place Brendan Cleveland for No. 11, second place Allissza Ali for No. 53, and third place Trevor Barnes for No. 32. Seventh- through eigth-grade category: first place Robert Cleveland for No. 13, second place Robert Cleveland for No. 14. Best of show was awarded to Maryann Perolio Judge’s Honorable Mention was awarded to Nadia Benes People’s Choice award went to Alissza Ali for “Frog in the Rain Forrest.” ~ Staff report