Stirring up sweet success

By: Teresa O'Hanlon, Special to The Placer Herald
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It could be the icing that floats like clouds on cake. Perhaps it’s the distinct sweetness of blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mint or the most popular flavor: red velvet. Or maybe it’s folks who want to experience the soothing essence of freshly baked, plump little cakes while taking time to decide between pumpkin or pinkdelicious. Whatever the reason, Rocklin’s well-established cupcakery, Icing on the Cupcake, has moved from small-town goodness to Sac-town popular. After the July opening of the new Folsom shop, plans are underway for a midtown Sacramento opening this August. Expansion includes delivery service from El Dorado Hills to Elk Grove. By the end of summer anyone in the greater Sacramento area can get their Icing on the Cupcake fix, be it chocolate on chocolate or confetti cake— and Rocklin is cupcake central where it all began. “When we started in Rocklin, we hoped it would go well,” remembered Shirley Nagasawa who owns the cupcakery with her daughter, Christee Owens and family friend Chuck Meridith. “The economic times being not stellar, people always go back to nostalgia and cupcakes are nostalgic and happy.” Rocklin residents had no trouble finding their happy place in Icing on the Cupcake and when business started booming, expansion looked promising. With all the baking currently taking place in their Rocklin kitchen, it was easy for the cupcake creators to ship to other locations. “We looked at the market in Folsom and seeing there wasn’t a cupcake shop there, we knew it would be a good location,” Nagasawa said. “Even though there are some cupcake shops in Sacramento, we believe our product will win people over.” Icing on the Cupcake owners know all cupcakes are not created equal and they pride themselves on fresh ingredients and friendly staff. Some of their cupcake flavors come from old family recipes and others are top of the charts modern — the maple bacon cupcake is a Sunday specialty. Every cake is made from scratch daily with everyday cupcakes selling for $2.75 and premium for $3. Babycake orders are also available. Throw in a community connection and Icing on the Cupcake has the market cornered. “The Rocklin community has been very supportive of us and in return we support them,” said Nagasawa, who is entering her 32nd year as school secretary at Parker Whitney Elementary. “When school children in Rocklin make their reading goal, they’re given a bookmark that is good for a free cupcake. I think it’s important to learn to read and to love to read.” Rocklin High sophomore, Nina Casiple, 15, loves to bake and try out new cupcake recipes. She heard about Icing on the Cupcake and decided to go for dessert. “I tried the cookies and cream and red velvet,” Casiple said. “They were good. On top of the red velvet they put a heart and on the cookies and cream they put a mini Oreo cookie.” Brightly decorated little cakes where green makes its mark, not only in color (try pistachio or the kid’s cake), but also in concept. “If you bring back your box of four, six or 12 and refill it, we will put the new cupcakes right back in your box and you get a free cupcake to eat on the way home, “Nagasawa said. The cakes are simple, sweet and there are more than 34 rotating flavors to choose from, depending on the day of the week. “Cupcakes are up and coming and they’re fun,” Nagasawa said. “They make people happy.” Icing on the Cupcake Where: 5065 Pacific St. in Rocklin Information: (916) 315-9500;