The stress and the playoffs

By: Jim Linsdau News Messenger/Placer Herald Sports Editor
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I recently got a call from a person and coach I?ve admired this past year who said he was stepping away from the game for a while. That?s bad news for the program but I think a good decision on his part. The call was from Jason Treanor who coaches soccer at Lincoln High School. In his tenure he has won more than 300 games and 200 as a prep coach. However, he coaches both the boys and girls teams and that kind of stress does eventually catch up to a person. ?It?s been a good ride,? Coach Treanor said. ?I really enjoyed it.? Boys soccer is in the fall and girls in the spring so he would spend his winter and summer seasons preparing for the season coming up. That can take a toll on one?s health and the coach confessed it was affecting his ? a good reason to step down. I regret he?s decided to hang up his cleats because I feel he?s done an excellent job with the Fighting Zebras. Soccer takes a lot of skill that most of us are unfamiliar with. In fact, competitive soccer is relatively new to the states, which explains a lot as to why the U.S. doesn?t always fare well in the World Cup. Still, both the Zebras? boys and girls made it to the playoffs this school year as did a number of sports teams from both Lincoln and Rocklin. For the most part, Lincoln?s postseason has come to an end but Whitney and Rocklin are still in action. The Wildcats are fighting for survival in softball and the Thunder are looking good in baseball. The Whitney and Rocklin track and field teams are still setting records and Lincoln?s Matt Probst is looking strong in the discus. In tennis, Rocklin made it to round three and Lincoln to round two. Whitney?s young club made the playoffs but were unable to advance. The Wildcats? golfers made a bid by making it to the Masters but the courses and the competition got a whole lot tougher at that level. Lincoln made the soccer playoffs but lost a 1-1 heartbreaker on penalty kicks. Things like that can lead to an early retirement but I doubt that had much bearing on CoachTreanor?s decision. Both the Thunder and Wildcats did themselves proud in boys volleyball by making it into the championship games in Division I and Division II respectively. I?m sure a section title was what each was looking for but just getting there is a tribute to both programs. Whitney softball has one loss in the playoffs and had to beat Benicia Tuesday to avoid elimination. They did, and now Bear River awaits. Rocklin slipped by Rosemont in game one of the baseball playoffs and rocked Woodcreek 9-0 in their second game. However, Thunder head coach Roc Murray said his team still isn?t hitting well and felt the Timberwolves did not play up to their potential. Rocklin will need to beat WC again if they want to advance to the championship. Ah, the stress of playoff sports; it makes it easier to understand why Coach Treanor feels it?s time to take a break.