Student’s silhoette snaps up honor

By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Out of the 8,000 entries that Josten’s photo contest received, senior Hailey Heikkinen of Rocklin High was awarded an honorable mention. The contest asked for photos that demonstrated artistic merit and told a story in their compositions. Heikkinen describes her submitted photo as, “silhouette of the dance team doing their military arms.” This photo, along with many others of hers, is featured in the Rocklin High Tonitrus yearbook. She said that the national recognition encourages her to continue taking photos. Heikkinen said that she has always taken pictures with a digital camera, however, she started using a higher quality camera when she was a high school freshman in Rocklin High’s Photo 1 class. This past school year, she decided to join photojournalism. Basketball and dance are her two favorite subjects to shoot because she enjoys how the scenes are fast-paced. This allows for “really cool facial expressions,” she said. Heikkinen said her inspiration is derived from her grandfather who passed away about six years ago. She remembers his passion for photography. “This is kind of my way of carrying on his gift,” said Heikkinen, who plans on moving to Africa after graduating college to become a missionary. She also wants to keep a journal of photos and write a book about her photos. For those interested in photography, Heikkinen suggests that they take their camera with them when they go somewhere interesting. “You never know when the perfect picture could come up,” she said with a smile.