Tax dollars build net for others

Reader Input
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Fiscal conservatism, a core republican value, has been trampled by the Rocklin City Council in its outrageous support of the city manager pay scheme (The Placer Herald, April 1). This is a perfect example of out of control government spending that will be passed on to future generations of Rocklin tax payers. Apparently socialism is acceptable if you’re talking about government safety nets for some government officials. Streets are in disrepair, libraries are closing and other important public services are in jeopardy because the state, counties and municipalities have committed to crippling pension benefit obligations. I’ve been employed as a manager in the professional services industry for 24 years. I don’t have a pension. When I retire, I won’t have paid health benefits either. I will have to build my own retirement safety net while this city council uses my tax dollars to build the same net for others. This is scandalous. Scott Dunlap, Rocklin