Taxpayers shouldn’t pay

Reader Input
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A community newspaper provides an important source of information for local residents. In the Nov. 12 edition of The Placer Herald, I was surprised to see that the new Western Sierra Collegiate Academy is asking the Rocklin School Board to take $1.4 million in taxpayers’ money and fund their new location — a local private facility that taxpayers didn’t ask for or approve. I was further surprised to see that more than two-thirds of this school’s students don’t live in Rocklin — and yet the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy expects Rocklin taxpayers to pay the tab for its facility. In fact, with just 45 students from Rocklin, it would work out to well over $30,000 per Rocklin student! I commend the Rocklin School Board for rejecting this request. Our schools are being squeezed financially from all sides. The decision by this academy to locate in a private facility was its decision and Rocklin taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to pay for it. Jeffrey Shirhall, Rocklin