Taxpayers will pay for city facelift

Reader Input
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The Aug. 5 edition of The Placer Herald tells us that, “The city council is expected to decide if downtown businesses will get a facelift and how the city will pay for it.” The article further stated that, “The city is developing a plan that would provide a total of $100,000 to downtown businesses in the form of grants and/or loans for facade improvements and beautification.” This is in the face of layoffs. At least (Rocklin City Councilman George) Magnuson had some reservations. How will the city pay for this? I expect the city council will find a way. The real answer is, the tax payers will pay for this.  If I wish to improve the appearance of my home, I will pay for the expense. I can’t, even if I wanted, impose the cost on the taxpayers.  Frank Little, Rocklin