Teachers ‘mob’ the yard at Rocklin High

By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Rocklin High faculty had a surprise for their students during break.
The staff and faculty pulled off their own flash mob on Monday, Jan. 24, for their students in between first and second block to Flo Rida’s song, “Club Can’t Handle Me.”
“We were all spread out around the amphitheater and when the music started, everyone needed to assume that they would not be the only one out in the center dancing,” said teacher Karen Montgomery, who organized the event with Angela Parker.
Inspired by an episode of “Modern Family,” Montgomery and Parker presented the idea to the staff in January. The two teachers organized the choreography. Montgomery and Parker led the staff in the routine and also created an instructional YouTube video for the staff to practice at home.
The staff had practiced three times the week prior to performing. Some students had noticed that all of the teachers were going to the theatre for “class meetings” during this time. Other students also observed that the teachers had locked their doors during lunch.
Montgomery said she appreciates that the staff was willing to try something out of their comfort zone. She said it was a fun way to connect with students and lighten the mood of January.
“It was about relationships; relationships we develop daily with our students,” said Principal Mike Garrison, who participated in the event.
Among the staff, students voted English teacher Pilar Padilla and administrator Mark Douglas the best dancers. According to a survey from Rocklin High’s journalism department, 66.5 percent of the students saw the performance live.  
Although the performance was for students, many members of the community saw replays of the flash mob.
Videos of the performance were posted online, on both YouTube and SchoolTube. Within the first five days, each generated about 5,0000 hits. A week later, the YouTube video has 10,000 views and counting.
“It (the flash mob), shows they (teachers) really care. School isn’t all serious, it is fun, too,” said junior Angela Bassal.
The YouTube video can be viewed at  As of press time, the video had more than 11,000 views.