Teachers seek fee change in daycare

By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Two Rocklin teachers are hoping to change the city’s fee structure when it comes to non-residents taking their children to after school daycare called Kids Junction. The program is operated at Rocklin Unified schools but operated by the city. Melanie Frost and Lilly McLean teach at Rocklin’s Valley View Elementary but live in Roseville. “We usually have our (biological) kids go to Kids Junction after school because it is convenient,” Frost said. “For me it would be nice to know my kids are at my place at work with me.” The cost for McLean’s two school-age children come out to about $50 a day, but the city requires her to add 25 percent more for a non-resident premium. McLean said it’s unfair to her since she essentially lives in Rocklin nine months out of the year when school is in session. “I would hope you would think of all the teachers,” McLean told city council at last Tuesday’s meeting. “We promote Kids Junction to parents. They listen to what we say. We bring the city of Rocklin business so it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay the non-resident fee.” Vice Chairman Jack Haycock of the city’s Recreation Commission, who oversees the program, said users have been lucky the program hasn’t seen dramatic change as the city struggles with annual recessionary budget crunches. “It is subsidized with city money,” Haycock said. “Residents do pay with taxation. It’s just one of those things.” McLean said she can’t afford to live in Rocklin especially with mandatory furlough days and pay cuts, which have forced her to take on a second job selling jewelry. “Not all of us can afford to live in Rocklin,” McLean said. City Manager Carlos Urrutia received a letter from the teachers prior to the meeting and said he is discussing a proposed change in the fees with members of his administration who could decide if an exception for teachers should be implemented. “I discussed it and we decided that the request merits consideration,” Urrutia said. What does Kids Junction cost? Kindergarten AM Kinder Before & After School: $35 per day AM Kinder Before School: $6 per day AM Kinder After School: $30 per day PM Kinder After School: $18 per day Registration Fee: $75 per child Grades 1-6 Before and After School: $27 per day Before School Only: $12 per day After School Only: $20 per day Registration Fee: $75 per child