Teen arrested for graffiti

By: ToLewis, The Placer Herald
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A Rocklin teen was caught in the act while painting graffiti on the skate park at Johnson-Springview Park last week. In the early afternoon on March 6, an alert neighbor called police after she witnessed a man defacing the skate park with graffiti, police said. We were fortunate that a witness actually saw somebody do it this time, said Lt. Lon Milka of the Rocklin Police Department. We usually don't catch them in the act. Milka said the witness, whose name was not released, provided a great description of the man and when officers arrived, he back on his skateboard enjoying the park. Police arrested Charles Erickson Raitz, 19, of Rocklin for defacing property with graffiti. Raitz was later cited and released, Milka said. Milka said graffiti is quite common at the skate park and usually police simply make a report and the city of Rocklin will come out and cover it up. While graffiti might be considered a low-level crime, Milka said, it can attract other kinds of criminal activity. He said vandalism and graffiti like that usually attracts other graffiti artists and pretty soon a given area can quickly get marked up and defaced. I know we've seen that in other areas around Sacramento, Milka said. We are just trying to keep Rocklin cleaned up. The Rocklin Police Department asks residents to call the dispatch center when they see graffiti and particularly when they witness defacing in progress. We take graffiti and tagging seriously at the police department, Milka said. We have a task force that focuses on it and through the task force we get it cleaned up as soon as practical.