Teens to bounce, hop and wrestle for world record

Participants donations to be donated to disaster relief funds
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Placer County residents have the opportunity to go down in the record books Saturday — and have some fun while they’re at it. Placer High senior Derek Ikeda is hosting the Guinness Book of World Records Breaking Session on the Placer tennis courts. World record attempts will be based on mass participation and include most people bouncing a tennis ball, most people arm wrestling and most people standing on one leg. Ikeda also plans to use the event as a platform to raise money for the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and the Joplin, Missouri Tornado Disaster Relief Fund. Ikeda, who has Japanese heritage, said he wanted to give back to both of the countries he comes from. “Both Japan and America are my countries. I just think it’s a great thing for the community,” Ikeda said. “This would be a great way to bring Placer County together — accomplishing one goal and helping out the world.” The current records are 569 for most people bouncing a tennis ball, 668 for most people arm wrestling and 360 for most people standing on one leg. Ikeda said beating those may be tough, but not outside the realm of possibility. To get the word out he has canvassed Placer County with flyers and utilized social networking. Ikeda said while he isn’t sure how many people will show up, breaking the record isn’t what is most important to him. “The only way I can tell is through Facebook,” Ikeda said. “There is a list of people on the maybe list and they can bring their family and friends along. To me it’s like breaking a world record would be really good, but the main thing is for the donation. Also to bring awareness to things so people can go out on their own and donate.” Placer High senior Ulises Arellano said he wants to be a part of breaking the record so Placer can have a new claim to fame. “It’s part of history I guess,” Arellano said. “Hopefully we will get in the book and get more history into the school. I think we will be able to do one or two.” Placer High tennis coaches Tom and Jen Isaac plan to hit the court and hopefully make history. Tom Isaac said social networking could make all the difference. “This kind of stuff wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have all the social networking,” Tom Isaac said. “This girl in Germany had an open birthday party and 15,000 people showed up. I’m just trying to get prepared. I have absolutely no idea how many people will show up.” Tom Isaac, who has put on several endurance contests at Placer over the years, said the event fits right in with Auburn’s reputation. “I think it goes with the Auburn theme of the Endurance Capital of the World. It kind of goes with the community to do something like this,” Tom Isaac said. “We have a hundred-mile run, a hundred-mile horse race, a hundred-mile bike race and now we might be breaking a world record. If we break it the first time, we will probably raise the bar and try to set a new record.” The word has even spread to other high schools. Colfax High senior Zane Foster said he will be there to support Ikeda. “Derek is a really good friend of mine and it would be really cool if we broke a record and got in the book,” Foster said. “I’ve told all of my friends and told them all to go on Facebook and tell as many people as they can.” Reach Sara Seyydin at