Thank you for commitment to parks

Letter to the editor
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On behalf of the Rocklin Citizens for Quality Parks, we would like to extend our thanks to the community for their overwhelming support of our community’s parks as demonstrated in the recent Measure A election to continue funding park maintenance. Measure A passed with nearly 83 percent of the vote and a turnout that far exceeded county elections projections. This vote for our parks demonstrates the commitment and appreciation this community has for our parks and the special impact they have on our families and neighborhoods. We particularly appreciate the grass-roots effort that we saw: from teenagers to seniors, sports groups to the business community. All united and understood that continuing to properly maintain our parks was vital to our community’s future. Again, thank you. While the city will continue to face significant budget struggles in this economy, Measure A will go a long way toward keeping our parks the assets they are today. Paul Ruhkala and Diana Ruslin, co-chairs, Rocklin Citizens for Quality Parks