Thank you Mr. Editor for a job well done

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Thank you Toby Lewis for all your hard work as the editor of the Placer Herald to ensure that the people of Rocklin were kept informed about the issues of their city. This is such an important job. While sometimes voters feel helpless at a national or even a state level to have a say in what will happen in their lives, the local level is where they truly have a voice in local decisions. In your stewardship of the Placer Herald, you have provided the people of Rocklin the information needed to help make a difference in their lives. I want to let you know I believe you have done a wonderful job, not only for the Placer Herald but for the people of Rocklin. Through one of the most turbulent times in the history of our city you provided a very balanced view and made every attempt in your power to allow the people of Rocklin to voice their opinions. That is very much appreciated. Good luck in your future ventures. We will sorely miss you. Elaine O’Deegan, Rocklin