There’s been plenty to talk about in 2010

Another View
By: Lauren Gibbs, Associate Editor
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This past year has been a time of change and controversy in Rocklin.

The city and school district have both had to make do with the economic slump, which has led to less staffers taking on bigger workloads.

One of the biggest changes in Rocklin has been in the midst of this, as a slew of Rocklin leaders retired they were rehired part-time. Although we haven’t seen the new replacements take their positions just yet, city leaders have been preparing for the upcoming changes to our local government.

This year, council members have been reviewing resumés and interviewing candidates to replace Rocklin City Manager Carlos Urrutia. Ricky Horst has been named the new city manager and will take on the position in February.

Come March, we should see a new police chief named. It will be one of Horst’s first duties as city manager and one that is certainly important. Current Rocklin Police Chief Mark Siemens has been working part-time as the chief and will until his official retirement.

Another big change for the city has been the recent opening of Blue Oaks Cinema 16 – Rocklin’s first movie theater.

Located in a shopping center that has been hit hard by the downturn of the economy, it’s obvious how much the theater has helped the city. Just take a look at the car-filled parking lot at Blue Oaks Town Center and it’s clear that the theater has brought business to the city.

This year has also been a year full of controversy in regards to local government pay.

The issue gained national attention after the city pay abuses in the city of Bell were made public and many city newspapers made it their mission to look into the pay of their city officials. The Placer Herald was no exception.
The role of a community newspaper is to cover stories that people want to know about, educate the public on issues and present the facts in order for readers to form their own opinions about the issue.

After our first article printed in February on “double dipping” of a few city leaders who were rehired after their retirement and making more money part-time then when they worked full-time for the city, readers had mixed opinions on the news. Some people said that what we reported was unfair to Urrutia and other leaders, as they have helped build the city to what it is today. Others supported the article and gave kudos to reporter Jon Brines for bringing it to the community’s attention.

Despite the mixed views, the news got people reading the paper, discussing the issue and forming their own opinions on it – the primary role of a community newspaper.

The year of 2010 has also been full of positive news in Rocklin. The city was named one of the best places to live by Money magazine, the local schools continue to shine in their state testing and Rocklin Police continue to slash crime on the Sierra College campus and throughout the city.