Transported in time

Reader Input
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The train tooting down the tracks, I thought, “Oh, I hope the sound out there doesn’t ruin the sounds in here…” I needn’t have worried. That was the last I heard anything but the melodious music emanating from Pamela Pamperin, Rocklin’s resident harpist, at the Christmas concert at the Old St. Mary’s Church on Front Street Dec. 6. There’s a reverence to harp music. I always think it sounds angelic. The grace of the hands gliding over the strings also makes it enchanting to watch. It’s not often we are removed from our daily lives to bask in such beauty. I sat there, transfixed, as Pamela started playing “O Holy Night.” As I relaxed into the pew, I glanced out at the barn in the distance and felt transported to a simpler time. The Way Singers from William Jessup University, caroled down the aisle to begin the second act. A small traveling choir of 11, each young person must audition annually for their part. Hand-picked, their talent is evident and the blend of voices superb. Two hours of pure musical bliss, enjoying so many meaningful Christmas carols, made this a glorious way to reflect on the reason for the season. I thank the Rocklin Historical Society members for their part in putting on this event. I’m happy to be working in a community of people who feel it’s important, and hope they’ll continue to do so. Debbie Wilson, Roseville