Tree City USA designation a joke

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We are concerned about the Arbor Day Foundation’s decision to give the city of Rocklin, ‘Tree City USA’ status. We are wondering what criterion is used to determine such a prestigious award? The city of Rocklin and its city council has voted in favor of cutting down more than 7,400 mature oaks for the development of 558 homes in Clover Valley. Our city government has placed in their city plan a highway that will cut through this valley, chopping down more than 1,680 oaks in return for road that will carry 14,000 vehicles a day. How can the decision to destroy thousands of oaks merit such an award? Replacing 1,680 oaks with 14,000 vehicles does the opposite of reducing our carbon footprint and making our communities healthier. We would ask that the Arbor Day Foundation reconsider their decision to give the city of Rocklin this award. The oak tree is the official national tree of the United States. Giving the city of Rocklin Tree City USA for cutting down thousands of our national trees and replacing them with one gallon of “Charlie Brown” trees is reason to give a reprimand not Tree City USA status. Elaine O’Deegan, Rocklin