Two new members, incumbent react to City Council wins

Final votes: It’s Janda, Butler, Magnuson
By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald correspondent
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Rocklin City Council election results
Total votes: 53,836
Greg Janda 11,732 21.79%
Dave Butler   8,611 15.99%
George Magnuson   8,559 15.90%
Dan DeFoe   8,291 15.40%
Ken Broadway   7,240 13.45%
Julie Millard-Stadel   7,058 13.11%
Jack Lento-Edrich   1,096   2.04%
Wijaya “VJ” Perera   1,023   1.90%
Write-in votes      226     .42%

The 2012 election has been certified, and the next three members of the Rocklin City Council are Greg Janda, Dave Butler and George Magnuson.

Janda led the field of eight candidates with 21.79 percent of the vote. After Janda came in third for two seats in the 2010 election for council, he said he made a long-term commitment to run again.
“I am humbled by the overwhelming support I received all across Rocklin,” he said. “I can’t thank my volunteers and supporters enough for the time and dedication they provided.”
Janda, a small business owner, picked up 2,777 of the outstanding ballots that could not be counted on election night, mainly vote-by-mail and provisional ballots, for a total of 11,732 votes, leading the pack by 3,121 votes. The Placer County Office of Elections certified its count at midnight Nov. 21, adding 13,112 votes to the tally.
“I am excited to begin working with other members of the council and city staff,” Janda said.
Butler, trailing incumbent Magnuson by just 65 votes on election night, ended up the second-highest vote-getter with 8,611 votes, or 15.99 percent of Rocklin’s 53,836 ballots.
“I am grateful for and humbled by the support my campaign received,” Butler said in a statement to the Placer Herald. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve Rocklin residents and advance our community’s objectives, particularly in the area of economic development.”
Butler who runs an educational nonprofit, said the next council should be solution-oriented.
“I have a lot experience in public policy and economic development, Greg has very strong business acumen and George has tremendous knowledge, perspective and relationships,” Butler said. “Working together with Scott, Diana, Rick Horst and a talented staff, we have all of the elements to build on the past and take Rocklin to an even greater level of success.”
Rocklin voters re-elected Magnuson to a sixth term on the council with 15.9 percent of the vote, or 8,559 ballots, 52 votes behind Butler.
“I look forward to the new council and working with Dave and Greg,” Magnuson said. “I think it will be an exciting four years.”
Dan DeFoe, with 15.40 percent, was knocked out of the race by just 268 votes. DeFoe, a Sierra College history professor, promises he will not be out of the public eye.
“As for 2014, I’m keeping my options open,” he said. “I’ve been asked to run for president of the Rocklin Historical Society and I’m seriously considering that position.  In any case, I’m not retiring from the field.”
The three council members will be officially sworn in and take their seats next month. Together with current council members Diana Ruslin and Scott Yuill, the new council will have a planning session with city staff in early 2013.
Election results are available at the county’s website,