University deal phony philanthropy, full of loopholes

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Placer County supervisors were snookered and citizens will pay big time for their mistake. Developers offered a conditional carrot, the “possibility” of a non-guaranteed university, in exchange for the right to destroy farmlands, food futures and long-range agricultural sustainability. Supervisors fell over each other with their disgraceful 5-0 approval of a proposal that is worse than a bribe. At least a bribe has a tangible carrot, but the university is so iffy with loopholes, it may never materialize. However, sprawling development, out in the middle of viable agricultural land, is certain to leapfrog and spread like a cancer to wipe out even more farmland. The general plan and zoning are supposed to protect farmlands, but supervisors merely amended and rezoned. The developer is on a phony pedestal of fake philanthropy with lofty promises. Had the university been an actual gift, it would have been situated on lands appropriately zoned for such a proposal that this developer owns. Also, had it been a good faith offer, the county should have required that the university be built first. Then, and only then, should the development be allowed to proceed, funded by what will become elusive, so-called profits. Ernie Jay, Auburn