University opposes smart, compact growth

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It’s unfortunate that a lawsuit must be initiated to stop the university proposal and force Placer County Super-visors to do what they know is right for us and for future generations in consideration of a healthy environment. Placer County officials know that the placement of the proposed university is contrary to Placer County’s conservation plan. It opposes the principals of smart, compact growth and ignores the provisions of SB 375. The regional university on land being offered by Mr. Tsakopoulos is in the wrong place. A logical location would attach it to Mr. T’s adjacent land in Roseville and not miles away on valuable farmland and natural habitat. Instead of smart growth, the proposed university project is situated on a peninsula jutting out onto thousands of acres of open land. Because there is no development anywhere nearby, there are no roads or other infrastructure. As proposed, this project would lead to acre upon acre of tract housing on surrounding land and result in clogged roads and accompanying pollution. There is no question that a university would be an asset for the Sacramento area. The lawsuit forces this gift horse to be looked at in the mouth and be seen for what it is – a good idea in the wrong place. Arlene Jamar, Rocklin