Valley View implements Rosetta Stone program

Learning language
By: Staff report
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As the New Year rings in, Valley View Elementary School in Rocklin will certainly have something to celebrate. The Parent Teacher Club at Valley View will be funding and administering an after school Language Enrichment Program through Rosetta Stone. The PTC is a fundraising and activity-oriented organization that works to better the educational experiences of the children, support the teaching staff and the promotion of good citizenship. As such, the PTC board and members approved the expense to fund a 12-month site license for the entire student body to learn a new language. The learning is conducted through a Web-based program which will be available anytime from January through December 2009. Each student who registers for the program will have the opportunity to learn up to two languages during the 12-month period. If he/she becomes proficient in their first language choice during this period, and wishes to learn a new language, they may do so by simply requesting a language change through the PTC program administrator to begin a new series of learning. “It’s clear that the community of Valley View Elementary School recognizes the importance of learning new languages in today’s global society,” said Tom Adams, CEO of Rosetta Stone. “As the leader in language-learning software programs, we applaud their enthusiasm and important investment in their students’ futures. With Rosetta Stone, Valley View is giving its students a vital advantage that is rare in elementary schools today: the power of communicating in more than one language. As this program succeeds, we look forward to other schools following in their footsteps.” Rosetta Stone is taught by utilizing images, sounds and text to instruct and reinforce the learning. This type of learning is very similar to how people learned their primary language through pictures and written and spoken words. “We are excited about all of our students having the opportunity to learn another language. In today’s world being bilingual is an educational and personal asset and also provides career opportunities,” said Valley View Elementary School Principal Chuck Kilbourne. “We are truly grateful to our PTC for providing this unique opportunity for our students.” This program is offered to the student body at no cost.