Valley View students show off their spelling skills

By: Lauren Weber, The Placer Herald
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It’s hard to imagine children under the age of 10 spelling words like neighbor or linoleum, but many of them did just that at Valley View Elementary’s spelling bee last week. For two nights, students at Valley View put on a spelling bee for their families, teachers and fellow students. Last Thursday night served as the backdrop for kindergarten through third-grade students, while fourth through sixth-graders competed Friday night. “Every seat was filled,” Valley View PTC President Diana Ruslin said about the packed multi-purpose room on campus. The event was part of the school’s Parent Teacher Club, focusing on academic enrichment, Ruslin said. For Valley View’s first spelling bee, Ruslin said it was a big hit, calling it a “great academic rally.” More than 60 students participated in the spelling competition – spelling words like: brilliant, coincidence, guarantee, elementary and recommend. For each grade level, a speller came out on top, but each student who participated received a medal provided by William Jessup University, the sponsor of the event. “The day after, all the kids wore their medals,” Ruslin said. “They were just proud to show them off.” The second-grade spellers whipped through the provided list of words to spell so fast the judges and teachers scrambled for more words. “OK, you’re stumping the judges – this is exciting,” said Linda Rooney, one of the judges. Among the other judges for the event were Rocklin City Councilwoman Kathy Lund, WJU professors Debra Cunningham and Karen McReynolds and other community members. Each grade level consisted of the top three spellers from each class, Ruslin said. From there, students received a list of Web sites listing sample spelling bee words, which gave students the opportunity to practice and prepare. The final spelling bee words were chosen by three Valley View teachers Andrea Muller, Debbie Schuett and Jan Scherer and were based on Placer County and national spelling bee lists, Ruslin said. Because the spelling bee was such a success, Ruslin said they hope to turn it into a Cubs tradition, held every year. “The audience was great, they clapped for everyone,” she said. “The judges were great, very positive.” Spelling champs included kindergartener Justin Deveza, first-grader Kayla Ng, second-grader Keri Chen, third-grader Matthew Buendia, fourth-grader Trevor Stenson, fifth-grader Toby Dyas and sixth-grader Jon Arrow. Valley View spelling bee participants Kindergartners: Kevin Chen, Torsten Ullrich, Steven Way, Andrew Wojciechowski, Justin Deveza, Haley Silva, Joshua Lee and Riley Paugh. First-graders: Madison Coleman, Kayla Ng, Teo Tran, Simran Atwal, Ashley Irwin, Catherine Zhang, Savannah Beahm, Nathan Bingham, Jake Sieber, Kobe Floresca, Zach Horner, Caitlyn Kan, Jacob Chamie, Jack Wildenradt and Jake Friedlander. Second-graders: Keri Chen, Kayla Hung, Sydney Pease, Abram Dizon, Garrett Lee, Chloe Spencer, Samantha Heidsick, Pranit Khurana, Max Miller, Emelyn Dizon, Olivia Farley, Allison Montti, Victoria Ashmore, Macey Sandoval and Melanie Junnila. Third-graders: Benjamin Kim, Jacob Mead, Cameryn Oakes, Max Lennig, Matthew Buendia, Holden Ellis, Blake Wagner, Alex Schroeder, Kyle Sauer, Taylor Niemi, , Andrea Valentini, Matthew Corsetti, Oliver Hill and Sean LeCrenn-Sanchez. Fourth-graders: Karl Danielsen, Brandon King, Sarah Turner, Marina Lee, Marley Bauer, Jennifer Wergedal, Trevor Stenson, Spencer Reynolds and Jake Noe. Fifth-graders: Toby Dyas, Alan Clark, Baylie Gillis, Amanda Montti, Nicole Schroeder, Riley Hensley, Ally Lent and Nina Ziomek. Sixth-graders: Erin Newkirk, Jon Arrow, Eric Lee Leverenz, Joseph Jaugan and Alexis Yates.