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Vandals target Rocklin, Whitney High

Crews work quickly to cover graffiti
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Nearly every building at Whitney High School bore splotches of fresh paint Thursday morning after crews worked quickly to cover the spots where vandals tagged the school overnight.

“I would say 90 percent of our buildings had something,” said Vice Principal Jennifer Hanks.

Whitney wasn’t the only victim – Rocklin High School was also tagged during the night.

Whitney Principal Debra Hawkins said the graffiti ranged in size from small to quite large, and a picture of the tag that appeared most often has been sent to teachers to keep them informed should they see it anywhere else.

“Some of it was obscene, some of it was just letters that we’re trying to figure out with the Rocklin Police Department if they mean anything,” Hawkins said. She described the rest of the tags as “just your general nuisance, garbage graffiti.”

A Crimestoppers alert will be sent to Rocklin Unified School District students later today to encourage those with information to step forward. The person responsible, Hawkins said, will have to pay reparations, including the cost of paint and the Crimestoppers reward, if one is offered.

In the eight years that Whitney has been open, Hawkins said, exterior tagging has never happened. The only vandalism the school has had to deal with has been tabletop marks that come right off – nothing to the extent of what the school was met with Thursday morning.

“This was a shocker for us,” Hawkins said.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call the school district at 624-2428 or the Rocklin Police Department at 625-5400.

~Krissi Khokhobashvili