Vote Janda for council

Reader Input
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Local elections are as important as ever. Just ask voters in Vallejo, Stockton or San Bernardino. While we should not be in danger of sharing their fate, a major challenge Rocklin faces is competition from other cities. Competition for businesses that provide excellent employment opportunities. Competition for the best performing schools. Competition for top-notch people to work and live in Rocklin.

This November, we have the opportunity to bolster Rocklin’s standing and enhance its competitive edge in our region.

Greg Janda is running for Rocklin City Council, and a vote for him is a vote for competitive excellence in Rocklin. As the owner of a Rocklin technology company, and as a consistently active member in the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, Greg understands what it takes to attract and keep businesses in our city. We need to make sure Rocklin is a business-friendly city focused on sensible growth, a city that any business must consider when choosing where to locate. This is a priority for Greg. Rocklin has a fantastic Chamber of Commerce that works hard to create a successful business climate. Greg Janda wants to build on this, but he needs your vote!

This November, vote Greg Janda for City Council! 

Trina Laird, Rocklin