Voters unaware J needed two-thirds

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The article in the Placer Herald concerning the defeat of Measure J, the park maintenance tax, had a spin that left the reader with the impression that had the voters known that a two-thirds vote of approval was needed to pass the measure that somehow that would have made a difference. Unfortunately, it wasn't what the voters didn't know that made the difference, it is what the voters do know. They know that the city council has spent lavishly on low priority, cosmetic items like the fake granite rocks while ignoring high priority needs. The article stated that the revenue generated by the existing tax was about $485K. The voters know that this is about the same amount of Rocklin taxpayer money that the city is spending each year for the next 10 years to house students from other cities in order to prevent Rocklin families from attending the number one public school in Placer County, Rocklin Academy. This is also about the same amount of money that could be saved if the park maintenance work was contracted out by competitive bidding to the lowest bidder. Voters had all of the information they needed to approve or defeat Measure J. Unfortunately for the families in Rocklin, mismanagement and corruption by city officials may cost Rocklin its wonderful parks. Joseph Scharrer, Rocklin