Reader Input

Waste management an important issue

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During the recent candidates forum sponsored by the Placer Herald and League of Women Voters, I asked the seven Rocklin City Council candidates to describe their understanding of the Western Placer Waste Management Authority and solid waste management issues in general. The Placer Herald’s reporting of the meeting included the following statement regarding that question: “Some observers thought the question was meant to stump the candidates and expose their general knowledge, while others thought it was irrelevant.”

Perhaps these observers wouldn’t consider the question irrelevant if they knew that Rocklin residents and businesses spent $2.76 million last year to recycle, compost and dispose of waste at the WPWMA Materials Recovery Facility and landfill. Many residents are unaware of this cost because Recology collects the customers’ payment as part of their monthly garbage service charges. Many are also unaware that the investment of public funds in WPWMA facilities exceeds $75 million.

One of our five council members must serve as a director of this very important joint powers authority, and the other four members should have a good general understanding of the operation and its management. Although some candidates struggled with the question, Butler and Magnuson did a great job, and Janda and Broadway were also very credible. For me, this was a good indication of who had done their homework.

Kudos to the League for putting on the forum – I found it very informative.

Will Dickinson, Rocklin