Where does the funding come from?

By: Candace Roeder, A Time for Seniors
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Dear Candace: How are all of the wonderful services that Seniors First provides funded? – Gloria Dear Gloria: Thanks for asking! Seniors First is a private nonprofit corporation. We are neither owned nor run by the county. However, Seniors First serves Placer County residents. We receive the funds that allow us to provide services from a number of different sources. One important source of funding is provided by Area 4 Agency on Aging. We have an IRS designation of 501c3, which basically means we are a charitable organization. As such, we apply for grants, partner with local service organizations, hold fundraisers and receive donations from individuals in the community. As a matter of fact, 50 percent of the giving done by individuals is done this time of year. This is probably the “givingest” time of the whole year. I am certain this desire to give is tied to the good feelings associated with the holidays, with families getting together, the laughter, the good food, the joviality of the season, the good cheer and the love. This is also the time of year we think about making tax-deductible donations to organizations whose work we admire, support and appreciate. Even as nonprofits, for profits, businesses and individuals alike are struggling in this economy, we’re going to all get through it. We may be a bit changed, but we will get through it. We need to stick together, hold each other up when necessary and give each other permission to “let it out” when we can no longer hold it in. If you are planning to give to a charity, be sure to stop and give it some thought. Think about what is important and meaningful in your life now. What has helped you (or someone you love) get past the really tough life experiences? Do your giving patterns still make sense? Think about what organization(s) have been there for you over the months (and sometimes years) that have supported your lifestyle choices, as well as those organizations who have served you recently. But, and perhaps most important, give from your heart. Dear A Time For Seniors: What is an Advance Health Care Directive? I’m confused about what it is and whether or not I need one. How do I find more information on them? – J.S. Dear J.S. – First, thank you for your letter regarding Advance Health Care Directives. You are not alone in your search for more information. Basically, the Advance Health Care Directive lets you make your wishes known regarding your own health care in the event you are not able to communicate at the time decisions are needed. This document also allows you to designate someone else to make these health care decisions on your behalf. In Auburn, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospice has a Community Outreach Committee to speak to groups, answer questions and assist individuals in filling out the forms. Sutter Auburn Faith Hospice may be reached by calling (530) 886-6676. The Advance Health Care Directive form may be obtained by calling Hospice or the forms are available in the waiting areas of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. Some good information, as well as the form, is also available online. California Coalition for Compassionate Care,, has an informative Web site as does Caring Connections, – Candace Roeder is the Executive Director of Seniors First. Mail questions to: A Time For Seniors, c/o Seniors First, 11566 D St., Auburn, CA, 95603; or call (530) 889-9500 ext. 203. Please include your name and phone number with your questions.