Why no Clover Valley lawsuit on front page?

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I’m questioning the editorial judgment and decisions of The Placer Herald’s current editor. In the Feb. 12 issue of the print edition, news of the Clover Valley lawsuit ruling was buried inside the paper, while stories of a brawl at a basketball game and a drug bust, made the front page. The question that everyone should be asking about Clover Valley is this: Why is Rocklin allowing a sustainable tourist-dollar revenue-generating resource to be destroyed? Mayor Peter Hill and the Rocklin City Council can’t wait to get their hands on tax revenues from homes built in Clover Valley. I have news for all of them. Rick Massie, by his own admission, has no idea when development will begin in Clover Valley. Meanwhile, the Clover Valley Foundation is working to build a consortium of buyers who will band together to save Clover Valley and preserve it as a nature/historic preserve. I would say that time is on their side, because by the best estimates, the economy and the housing market in particular, will not recover for another five years, or longer. Clover Valley Foundation and the Sierra Club should be applauded for their tireless efforts to protect Clover Valley from development and being destroyed. Long live Clover Valley. Jack Schwab, Lincoln