This is why we need change at city hall

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In last week’s Placer Herald, Mayor Brett Storey said “I’d like the opportunity to finish the things we have started.” If this means developing every last remaining unused acre in Rocklin, no thank you! In this week’s edition, Brett Storey again: “...we must balance the rights of individuals who own property in Rocklin with the overall needs of the community.” Note: in the preceding statement, he is putting the developers first, the community second. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? This is exactly why we need a change at city hall. The rest of this article is just more “spin” from the mayor, another attempt to appease us. The decision for the proposed Rocklin Crossings shopping center has been moved to November, according to the Rocklin Planning Commission. The reason for this is to digest the Environmental Impact Report. The election is in November. The decision has been put off in the hopes that the incumbents remain in office, that they will approve the shopping center, and then they can not be voted out of office. How many more reasons do we need for a change at city hall? We need a new direction for Rocklin’s future, a different way of thinking that puts the people first, then the developers. We have the power to make that change in November. Vote for new direction at city hall. Rocklin’s future depends on it. Jack Schwab, Lincoln