Work planned for Rocklin Event Center

City vows investment will bring weddings, other event revenue to city
By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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It?s officially wedding season and Rocklin is hoping a big investment will earn them a piece of the action. City officials are preparing to spend $270,000 on a new retrofit of the Rocklin Event Center, formerly known as Rocklin Sunset Center, on Sunset Boulevard. The name was recently changed in an effort to attract more event rentals. According to city documents, the plan includes remodeling of floors and walls, roof repairs and HVAC system changes. The report reads in part, ?these modifications are needed at the Rocklin Event Center in order to improve the marketability of the facility and allow for more of the center to be rented to customers.? Rocklin City Manager Rick Horst relocated Parks and Recreation Department offices, staff and activities to the old library building in Johnson-Springview Park last year in an effort to clear the event center for gatherings. City officials admit they had received complaints from customers inconvenienced by recreation activities held at the center at the same time as their events. The proposed remodel comes just a year after the city spent more than $271,647 on an outdoor patio area complete with a barbecue, gazebo, bandstand and fountain. Another $108,127 was spent to update the second largest room at the center, which included a wall size accordion door for access to the patio and an updated video projector and sound system for the main hall. They also spent $30,083 more updating the parking lot to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The city hopes weddings and other events could offer the city another revenue source ?Weddings are just one of programs for which the event center may be utilized. Any festive event, family reunions, graduation parties, special events, etc,? Horst said. ?All of the above.? Rocklin resident Pam Hahn said she?s seen the changes, but is tentative about the purpose. ?It?s not a venue I would choose for (weddings). But I maybe pickier than most,? Hahn said. ?To me, I don?t think it?s a good use of money. Hopefully it does turn and they can make profit out of the funds invested in it. That?s a lot to put out.? A Rocklin resident named Vanessa, who declined to state her last name, was hopeful the investment would generate revenue. ?How many weddings do you have to book to make up for it,? she said. Nearly two-thirds of the funds, $170,000 will not be cosmetic. According to the city, both the roof and HVAC systems have exceeded their projected life spans and roof failures are causing damage. They also report HVAC repair costs are increasing due to unit failures. Last year the city paid for the remodel with Redevelopment Agency bond funding, but the state?s abolition of the agencies meant those funds were not available this year. Funds for the new project will be coming out of the city?s Facilities Maintenance budget. The city council is expected to vote on the new budget later this month. ________ Rocklin Event Center Investment Floors & walls remodel: $100,000 Roof & HVAC repairs: $170,000 Outdoor Patio Upgrades: $271,847 Patio door/meeting room remodel: $108,127 Total Cost: $680,057 Source: City of Rocklin