Yoga studio ready to bring more peace to the masses

By: Lauren Gibbs, The Placer Herald
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Celebrities such as Madonna have been longtime fans of the calming workout of yoga.
But now Rocklin and Placer County residents are joining the trend of yoga and Pilates exercises, in part thanks to the recently expanded Sattva Yoga & Pilates studio in Rocklin.
Sattva refers to one of the three energies of yoga — the energy that people strive to achieve, where a sense of peace and highest potential has been reached.
Jean Munoz Keese, owner of Sattva Yoga & Pilates, said the sattva level of energy is “where we all want to go.” Munoz Keese recently moved the studio to a larger location off Sunset Boulevard to accommodate more space for two therapy rooms and a larger area to hold yoga classes, and to expand the teachings of yoga.
The studio encompasses all things related to yoga and Pilates — from relaxing and energizing colors of burnt orange and muted yellow to a therapy room where techniques are taught to put your life in a more peaceful rhythm — the space offers a one-stop spot to bring yoga into your life.
Entering the studio, Pilates machines line the wood floor where classes and individual sessions are held, artwork of yoga poses line the walls, a candle burns at the front entrance and at the back of the 1,800-square-foot space is the yoga room where mats are laid out and poses are constructed come class time.
Kirk Hartwig is one of the eight yoga instructors at Sattva Yoga & Pilates. Hartwig has been teaching at Sattva since its opening and has been practicing yoga for 15 years, he said.
“To me, it feels natural,” the Granite Bay resident said. “I feel like it allows me to think more clearly, react more calmly.”
Hartwig said his classes not only focus on yoga poses, but also incorporate proper alignment and safety.
“I want them to feel safe and comfortable,” he said.
Part of what sets Sattva apart from other studios, according to Hartwig, is that it offers clients a way to incorporate yoga into every aspect of their lives, including Ayurveda, a natural healing system which translates to “science of life.”
“We all have a lot of stress in our lives these days,” Hartwig said, and said he finds yoga helps create a less-stressed lifestyle.
Through Ayurveda, a customized plan is created to be at your healthiest by making changes to your lifestyle, diet, sleeping habits, through the use of herbs, color and massage therapy and other natural therapeutics.
Monica Tomasi, a clinical Ayurvedic specialist and certified massage therapist, said she custom creates an oil treatment infused with herbs that can help calm. For someone who has a warm body temperature, coconut oil can be used for its cooling agent.
“Each oil is specially made for each person,” Tomasi said.
Not only that, but the massage is customized for the individual, based ofnan intensive client interview before. For someone who has constant worry or who has trouble sleeping, there are regimens for that, Tomasi said. For the many people who suffer from sinuses or congestion during the transition from summer to fall or other seasonal changes, the Nasya, a sinus therapy, may just be the remedy. Drops of herb-infused oil are dropped into each nostril, followed by a full-body steam that opens the lungs and calms the lungs, Tomasi said.
Part of the reasoning behind the larger location was to incorporate the practice of Ayurveda, Munoz Keese said.
In addition to the therapeutic benefits of yoga, the physical advantages are positive, said Munoz Keese, who began dabbling in the practice of yoga years ago.
With more than 20 classes offered a week, Munoz Keese said there is something for everyone. Classes include a yoga-Pilates fusion class, which mixes the best of both, mat Pilates, prenatal yoga, family yoga and more.
For new students, Munoz Keese said not to worry about inflexibility or unfamiliarity with yoga.
“You don’t have to be flexible and physically fit to do yoga. Yoga will help you get there,” she said.


Yoga and Wine workshop
What: Includes 90 minutes of yoga followed by a tasting of local, organic wines
When: 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14
Where: 2161 Sunset Blvd.
Information: 624-9642;

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