Youth need role models, put down the phones

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As a licensed driver in the state of California, I am usually aware of blatant actions by other drivers that would be considered extremely unsafe. The most recent, and probably one of the most important laws is the hands-free talking devices for cell phone users while operating a vehicle. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, there are still aspects of the law that should be considered further. However, the essence of the law is that hands-free devices must be used in an effort to reduce the number of car accidents. Most people would agree that cell phones have added a unique aspect to the driving experience and can often divert attention that should otherwise be given to making sure that the utmost attention is given to driving safely. I am appalled at the number of people I see on a daily basis refusing to use the tools provided, and instead just speaking on their cell phone while driving. It is a terrible example to the youth. Those continuing to break the cell phone cell phone law are saying to the youth, do as I say, not as a I do. Youth are impressionable and need positive role models, especially when it comes to driving. I urge others who are frustrated with the way that people have gotten away with illegal and damaging behavior to contact your local law enforcement agencies and find what kind of programs could be set up to help with this issue. Jen Hale, Auburn